Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Which teams have coaches?

Of all the teams going to The Show, which have coaches and who are they? I'll update the post as people add comments.

Open Division:
1. Revolver -Chris McManus
2. Chain -No Coach
3. Ironside -Ted Munter and Greg Connelly
4. Sockeye -No Coach
5. Bravo
6. Doublewide
7. Jam
8. GOAT - No Coach
9. Truck Stop
10. Ring of Fire
11. Bodhi -No Coach
12. Madison Club
13. Machine -Brady Meisenhelder
14. Streetgang
15. Madcow
16. Pike

Women's Division
1. Riot -Karlinsky Brothers
2. Fury -Matty Tsang
3. Capitals
4. Brute Squad -Matt Kromer
5. Backhoe -Tully Beatty
6. Zeitgeist
7. Traffic -Cruikshank (Jeff?)
8. Showdown -Allen Clement
9. Ozone -No Coach
10. Lady Condors
11. Nemesis
12. Rare Air -Scott Gurst (limited roll)
13. Scandal
14. Safari -Cliff Smith
15. Pop
16. Wildcard

I took out the Master's and Mixed because we weren't getting any info on them, but things are shaping up nicely for Open and Women's. I'm fairly certain (especially with Gwen's help) that JD is coaching Zeitgeist, and then if someone is coaching Capitals all of the top 8 Women's teams have coaches. Meanwhile 2 of the top 4 Open teams have coaches, maybe as few as 2 of the top 8. In my personal experience with college I found it much easier to coach women than men, but presumably the reason for the discrepancy isn't because there aren't people willing to coach, but rather that Open teams don't actively search for coaches the way women do. Or I could be wrong. Thought?


Josh said...

Backhoe coach: Tully Beatty

Alex de Frondeville said...

No coach for DoG.

CK said...

Riot has the Karlinsky bros. Traffic is coached by Cruikshankz

Patrick Mooney said...

no coach for GOAT

Michelle said...

Showdown coach: Allen Clement

Byron said...

Fury has Matty Tsang

hhtb said...

Barrio - nope

b-lo said...

So in the last week and a half before Nationals, all the players are making their final preparations. But for the coaches out there, i've been wondering how you prep for a tournament like Nationals. Thoughts?


alex evangelides said...

Machine: Matthew (Brady) Meisenhelder

Ryan Todd said...
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Ryan Todd said...

Ironside is coached by Ted Munter and Greg Connelly (the last two Team USA coaches in the World Games).

Mike Zalisk, on IR for the year, also helps out in a sort of consulting role. Mostly he makes fun of everyone for not being able to throw as far as he can, even on crutches.

Gambler said...

From team websites:
Michael Lawler coaches Brute Squad
Chris Sherwood and Jennifer Donnelly coach Zeitgeist
Pfil (???) coaches Nemesis

Not sure how accurate that all is (especially the ZG coaches), but it's very interesting to me that the women's division seems to have a lot of coaches--yet JD is the only woman coach.

Jane said...

Safari coach: Cliff Smith

big bro said...

Revolver is Chris McManus

cda said...

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Jane said...
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Jane said...

Brute Squad: Matt Kromer

brent said...

bodhi; no coach

Kyle Weisbrod said...

Rare Air - Scott Gurst (in a limited role - I don't believe he attends tournaments)
Ozone - No Coach (had a coach at the beginning of the season but it wasn't a good fit)
Chain - No Coach

reeb said...

madcow-no coach

allen said...

At the end of the day 2 of the 4 open semifinalists had coaches. And only 1 (?) other open team had a coach.

On the women's side, 3 of 4 semi-finalists had coaches--5 of the top 6 and 6 of the top 8. Overall 9 of the 16 teams had coaches.

I have a couple of general questions:
(1) what are the coaches doing and how are they helping? (In both divisions the coaches are disproportionately working with top teams)

(2) why are women's teams more open to having coaches?

(3) why are the bulk of coaches men?

Martin said...

All good questions Allen. I was planning on making that a different post soon. I'm not saying I have the answers, but I think it is worth talking about, especially given the breadth of this blog's commentators.

allen said...

Martin, I'm looking forward to that post and your take on those questions.