Thursday, October 29, 2009

Questions Answered (Womens, Mixed, Masters, Open) and Friday Predictions

Well, first, I'd like to point out that (so far) most of my questions were spot on. Specifically:

- Ozone could play with Riot (they were up most of the game)
- Showdown was able to beat Ozone after they lost a disappointing game to Riot
- Chase has come to play and Axis and MTF look like strong finals favorites
- AMP is not that good (meaning at the tier of Axis and MTF) and/or Bucket is better than most people think. I'll guarantee that if they meet again Bucket will not lose to AMP.
- The Beyondors are the clear team to beat in the Masters division. It's like watching an open team play masters teams.
- Despite Ironside dropping a game to Streetgang, all top four open seeds are going into the power pools with wins and look to have relatively easy roads to quarters.
- The two significant upsets came out of the Truck Stop - GOAT and Ring - JAM match-ups which I pegged as the ones to watch

What I didn't catch:

- Real Huck - surprise team of Thursday. Going 3-0 so far in pool play.

All in all, I'd say a pretty solid preview so far. There's a chance that CLX is at the MTF/Axis tier of teams (and I didn't see them play) but I'm guessing that they fall in to the Bucket/AMP tier.

Predictions for tomorrow:


- Pool E: Revolver, Ironside, Truck Stop, Double Wide
- Pool F: Chain, Sockeye, Ring of Fire, Bravo

Pre-quarters: JAM over DoubleWide, Bravo over GOAT


- Pool E: Riot, Capitals, Showdown, Zeitgeist
- Pool F: Fury, Brute Squad, Backhoe, Lady Condors

Pre-quarters: Zeitgeist over Traffic, Ozone over Lady Condors


- Pool E: MTF, CLX, Barrio, Quiet Coyote
- Pool F: Axis, AMP, Bucket, Doh!

Pre-quarters: Slow White over Quiet Coyote, Doh! over One Trick Pony


- Pool A: Surly, Troubled Past, GLUM, Boneyard
- Pool B: Beyondors, Real Huck, Mileage, Old Sag

Quarters: Surly over OLD SAG, Troubled Past/Mileage (toss up), GLUM/Real Huck (toss up), Beyondors over Boneyard

For all of you Ultimate junkies out there, where am I wrong?


Mike said...

That's a pretty stellar Pool F in Mixed. Were you able to see enough of D'oh to guess if they can take down AMP? I've mentioned before that I was confident that D'oh wasn't nearly at the MTF/Axis level, but just how vulnerable is Amp?

Kyle Weisbrod said...

D'oh got completely rocked by Axis. While Axis played well, from the points I saw, D'oh doesn't seem to be even in that next tier behind Axis.

I want to be clear that I'm not saying AMP isn't a good mixed team. They certainly are. I just don't think they'll challenge Axis or MTF for the title here. And I do think Bucket won't lose to them if they happen to meet them in the semis (which would require one of those two beating MTF or Axis).

Mike said...

I guess that's what I expected to hear. Mixed seems to be pretty sharply stratified this year. MTF and Axis seem to be in it to destroy everyone. Maybe CLX too, though I suspect that they would be on the same tier as AMP and Bucket. After that...

UBER_IHUC said...

Watching the Axis vs D'oh game live yesterday (it is just so cool to say that), neither team looked extremely strong. D'oh especially was obviously playing pretty badly, but even Axis wasn't too impressive. Chase had some nice throws but he never seemed to turn it on. Was he playing chill purposefully? Anyone that was actually at the fields get a better vibe?

Gotta keep pushing CLX- they up there among the best of mixed

CK said...

Axis won 15-5, it was better that everybody was playing 'chill'. I am always surprised when Chase hits the open player, no mater who, at stall 2-3. He also knows when to make the tough break - which led to a few easy goals for Axis

del said...

Commentator kept getting Tyler Congers name completely wrong which I thought was ridiculous. I know it's hard to know everyone but Conger plays a ton for Axis and is easily one of their best players.

I think doublewides gonna make noise tomorrow, I'm really hoping to see them make semis. I can't decide whether a victory over Sockeye is a longshot or not. Kurt Gibson is playing but only handling which is too bad because he'd put them over the edge.

Alex Peters said...

In the Bucket game, Amp was missing Sean Murray, Jeff Laarz, Stacey Janz, Ben Kleaveland, had one player playing with a partially separated shoulder and another playing through a sports hernia... so basically 6 of our best players.

Beef Supreme said...

I'll just give you a pass and assume you didn't know a member of Booty Rumpin Snoopy was invading the Mixed scene this year, and thus overlooked the Quiet Coyote. Hope I'll see you sometime soon.