Friday, June 03, 2005

Why Coach?

As far as I know, there are very few paying Ultimate coaching positions out there. A lot of highschool coaches are paid teachers I guess, but I would think most if not all college coaches do it for free. Coaching takes up a good deal of time and can be incredibly frustrating at times (that's not just me right?).

So, I'm curious, why do you coach? I'm actually unclear as to why I personally coach. I'm going to think about it and post my own reply later...


Anonymous said...

I coach for a number of reasons:

1. I enjoy teaching.
2. I want to contribute something to the game/community other than playing.
3. It gives me something competitive to do in the offseason that is ultimate-related but not as physically demanding as playing.
4. I find that coaching improves my game in ways that playing does not.
5. I enjoy the, at times, utterly frustrating challenge.
6. It gives me almost total control over a team which I do not and should not yet have in club. This means I can develop strategies and explore new paths in a situation where I am clearly "the guy in charge."
7. It is, plain and simple, fun more often than it isn't.

Anonymous said...

I coach high school freshmen at my alma mater.

I coach rookies, teaching them the fundamentals.

I coach beginners, and make their head coach's life easier when they become upperclassmen on their school's A-squad.

I coach because I want my alma mater to be always better than when I was in high school.

I coach because I didn't have a coach.


wood said...

All of anonymous number one's answers rang true for me. I started coaching because the local college that is basically across the street from my home had a team that was looking for a coach. I've continued coaching because of all the reasons anonymous one listed, and because my kids were so eager to learn. Their willingness to listen and desire to learn make coaching them easy.