Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Question of the Week: What was your coaching highlight?

This past spring coaching Southern Poly was tough. We only had 5-6 regulars at practice and tournament attendance was poor. We had 8 guys at Sectionals. They fought hard all weekend though and never gave up. We ended up losing to an Emory squad with 20+ to end the weekend. We were down prety good at halftime, but fought back to make it a game. Eventually fatigue took over and Emory pulled away, but I've never been more proud of those guys or felt more rewarded as a coach.

What has been the most rewarding or satisfying moment in your coaching career?


Tarr said...

This is a bit too easy for me... yeah, the highlight of my 5 month (official) coaching career is Kelsey catching the goal to win Great Lakes regionals.

It's especially fitting that it was Kelsey. For players like Katie and Michelle and Kali, I didn't really make them into great players, I just taught them a system. But Kelsey went from someone I didn't consider cruical in January, to a rotation cutter by March, to an unquestioned starting seven cutter by the end of the season, and she did it by working her tail off and absorbing everything like a sponge. Coaching players like that is an absolute pleasure.

And any time I want to be reminded of that moment, I can just minimize this window. (And the 8 windows behind it.)

Anonymous said...

When I heard through the grapevine that one of my players said:

"I see things that I didn't know existed in ultimate because of him. I know I'm a better player for it. But don't tell him that... He's a sarcastic bastard."