Monday, February 21, 2005


Anybody have a good drill for practicing throwing to covered players?

Any other favorite drills? Always looking for new throwing drills to mix things up a bit.



Noah said...

-The underneath cutting drill (one cutter, one defender, cutter tries to force the in cut). We did this with Chain. You can also do this with the deep option. You can add a deep poach to make the throw more difficult.

-Underneath/deep cutting drill. We did this with Chain to warm up for Regionals last fall. A player in the deep line cuts in, a player in the closer line cuts deep off of the in cut. You can add a defender to guard the deep receiver and practice throwing deep throws to space.

-Stu has us doing a 3-line cutting drill with a defender guarding each cutter. Set up 3 cones in the middle of the field and limit the playing area to one half of the field. If the lines are A, B, and C, the throwing order is A-B-C-B-A-B-C-B (etc.) so you'll want about twice as many players in the middle line as in each of the outside lines. Works well if you divide into teams before doing the drill, so people know who's offense and who's defense.

-Also, for throwing to spaces (uncovered), Stu has had us do a basic box drill but with our injured/sick/hurt players roaming inside the box (usually 2 to 4 people). The thrower then has to quickly decide the best pass to throw to get around the "defenders" and execute the pass with the appropriate timing.

wood said...

I've used a drill a few times where you set up a cut with 3 cones. You have an offensive and defensive player start at the first cone, run to the second cone, cut and go to the third. The defensive player has to touch the middle cone, slowing him/her down some. The thrower would throw to the offensive player at th last cone. It's fairly flexible and can fit many different situations.