Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2-4-1 Update

Thanks to Wood and Parham for the 2-4-1 tips. I've moved the poppers back a bit more and we've started really focusing on going over the cup for short passes to the poppers or around the cup with handler-handler swings with an upfield continuation to the poppers. It's looking a lot smoother in practice. QCTU is this weekend so we'll see how it looks in real action.



wood said...

How did it go at Queen City?

aj said...

Our zone offense looked pretty respectable. It still needs some work though. Unfortunately, we saw mostly man.

It's interesting, being able to play good zone offense is almost like an invitation to the party or something. Good teams are always going to throw a zone at you to see if you can handle it. Once you show you can handle it teams show you respect and play man. Coed might be a little different, but that seems to be the way things work out in men's and women's.