Monday, December 27, 2004

Random Thought of the Day

I was watching the UGA men play Michigan last year at Terminus, and a Michigan defender (I think his name is Craig) was doing a really good job of making Dylan work to get open. After a particularly frustrating point, Dylan came over to me and told me, “That guy’s a really good defender.” The next point the guy is covering Dylan again and being the obnoxious jerk I am, I start yelling, “Dylan kill that chump!” I happen to be standing next to one of the Michigan coaches, Ricky, (who I have a lot of respect for, both as a player and as a human being) who tells me that the guy covering Dylan is not a chump. And of course, Ricky was very much right, the guy was definitely not a chump – he was doing a great job covering a very good player. But the point is this - it doesn’t matter if the guy on you is a great defender or not, when you’re on the field you have to believe that the guy covering you is a chump that can’t possibly hope to cover you. If you start walking back to the line thinking, “how am I going to get open on this guy?” you’ve already lost.

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