Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Random Thought of the Day

I’ve never really heard anyone talk about this and I wonder if it’s something that all good cutters do. I find that I rarely hit full speed until the disc is in the air. When I’m cutting back to the disc I’m generally running at about 90%. When the disc is actually thrown I try to explode to it, but I feel like if I’m running at break-neck speed towards the disc I lose my ability to adjust to the frisbee when it’s in the air. Deep cuts are a little bit different because a lot of times just throwing it into overdrive before your opponent does will give you enough separation to be open for the big one. However, I still often times find myself heading deep at 90% speed. Generally speaking one of two things happens – 1) either your defender is afraid of getting beat deep and accelerates to try to stop the big one – if this happens and you’re running at 85-90% you should still have enough body control to change directions quickly leaving yourself all alone coming back under or 2)the defender just kind of matches your speed to prevent you from coming back under – in this case when you throw it into overdrive you should still be able to get separation. Anybody care to comment on this?

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