Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ga St Champs/Coaching in the Gaps

I wasn't going to post after just one day of the boy's Georgia State Championships. I'm sure many people are currently focused on the college regional battles (I know I am). But after thinking about it there are a few points I would like to make.

The state of Georgia High School ultimate isn't as weak as the girls. While average disc skills were lacking (usually 1 or 2 handlers on a team except for the top 3), the athleticism present was impressive. We (Paideia) managed to go 4-0 and will have another 4 games tomorrow if all goes well (last round of pool play followed by quarters and up). This seems like a lot of games for high school boys on a hot weekend, but everyone else is in the same boat. I'd be happier just playing 2 or 3 games on Sunday.

Pool strength presented an interesting scenario that I can't believe I haven't thought of before. Our JV team (in the other pool) seems to feel like the other pool was stronger. This might be the case, which would mean that we have a tougher road ahead for us since we will see their 2-seed in the semis and their 1-seed in the finals after they have (presumably) an easier game. So I guess it pays off to be in the tougher pool (??) if you feel pretty good about advancing, especially if there are 3 quality teams. Again, I can't believe I haven't thought about this before.

Lastly, I again realized how much I love coaching/teaching during a bye. Our trap zone was not looking particularly good, so during the "bye" for lunch we gathered the guys around, drew up our trap zone, then went shirts and skins while we walked through the transition of the trap a few times. It is such a great time to learn because everyone is cleated up, you have direct references to experiences in the past games to remind people about things, then you can directly apply those lessons to a game where the opposing team doesn't always know what you are doing. As much as I (selfishly) think timeouts are meant for strategic adjustments, I think byes are for coaching (although scouting and hydrating should be in there as well).

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Brett Lacy said...

I would agree with the opinion of your JV team. The B pool was much more difficult than the A pool.

It was originally much harder until they switched Grayson and Heritage. I think Britt did a great job though in seeding as the A pool only had the 4/5 seed switch while the B pool saw the 3/4 seed switch. (Although in my own opinion, I think Druid Hills and Paideia JV should have swapped seeds).

I had no problems with the format. It was a toss up between playing one more game on Saturday at the end of a hot day, or waking up early to get that 8:20 game in before the brackets. And the fact that we needed a play-in for the 12th team shows a lot of promise for the future of Georgia HS Ultimate.

Just a few thoughts from another Coach.