Monday, May 09, 2005

College Women's Nationals Seedings

First, Nice work Tarr. The three teams I'll be pulling for at natties are Purdue, NCST (Go AC!) and Texas ( gotta pull for Cara of Ibsen Warriors fame). I was looking at the teams that made natties and I started to try to seed them, and I realized that I have absolutely no idea how to do it. Carleton over Iowa at regionals means that any seedings are going to have some strange things (maybe it's time to get rid of the rule that requires a team that finishes higher at regionals to be seeded higher at natties?). I think basically you're left with the choice of either pushing Carleton too high or Iowa too low. I decided to push Carleton way up, in order to keep Iowa among the top teams. The things that I think I might have wrong - Purdue may be too low. Posted a great regular season record, but not a lot of big name wins. Win over UNC could possibly push them higher. NCST could be too high - posted a great regular season record including a bunch of wins over quality in-region teams, but didn't travel much (reminiscent of UVA last year). Win over Texas at Easterns puts them high.

Anyway here's my first stab at it:

1) Stanford
2) North Carolina State
3) Texas
4) Carleton
5) Iowa
6) Colorado
7) California
8) Dartmouth
9) Washington
10) Brown
11) MIT
12) Purdue
13) Cornell
14) Rutgers
15) Northwestern
16) Texas A&M



Tarr said...

Thanks AJ. It's still just sort of sinking in. I mean, I thought I could help them this year, but... holy crap. I never imagined this.

I've pretty much been prepared for seedings like this since last weekend. I knew that the results in the NE and Central would push us down. Frankly, I'm fine with it. MIT and Brown were in finals and semis, respectively, two years ago. They should get the benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand, we definitely should get seeded above Cornell IMO. We have higher rankings and a better (perfect) record against common opponents. Of course, you're giving us that, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it set up otherwise. I guess in the end it's irrelevant if we're the 12/13, but that's how I feel anyway.

Aside - I can't go to natties. I'm in the wedding of a lifelong friend. It's absolutely brutal.

Noah said...


What pools do the seeds fall into at nationals? (Based on someone's RSD post it looks like it's the 1,8,12,13 A pool and so forth as opposed to the snake format of 1,6,8,16 in the A pool.) Just wanted some professional clarification.

Thanks for the help!